Data Centres


If your IT equipment and sensitive data are critical to your business then 42-24's data centres must be first choice for your data centre services.

42-24 is the sole provider of purpose built, concurrently maintainable data centre space in Tasmania. Customers can be confident their infrastructure is housed in a facility designed to support critical infrastructure, providing unmatched uptime in the Tasmanian market.

We have three facilities located in southern Tasmania and our customers can access our data centres on a 24/7 basis for maintenance and operational purposes.

All 42-24 data centres include extensive security features including, but not limited to:

  • monitored alarms
  • internal and external CCTV
  • two factor electronic site access

Our data centres also include carrier grade cooling infrastructure, highly efficient hot aisle containment, individually keyed lockable rack cabinets or optional electronic rack access.

In addition, 42-24's Moonah and Cambridge facilities feature dual stream power design from the main distribution down to rack level and un-interruptible power supplies (UPS), back-up generators and environmental monitoring.


  • Purpose-built, concurrently maintainable facilities
  • High-reliability
  • Dedicated carrier rooms
  • Tasmanian Government approved facilities
  • Certified Data Centre Professionals (CDCP)